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Custom Wood Packaging Products. Delivered Fast.

Martin Pallet is a full-service provider of new and custom pallets, crates, lumber, and wood packaging materials. Serving the entire United States, Martin Pallet has delivered time and again when customers need a custom product on short notice. We offer:


Custom Pallets:  Whether you need one custom pallet or thousands of stock pallets, Martin Pallet can provide your company with quick and accurate service.

Custom Crates:  Martin Pallet manufactures custom crates for international shipment or those that require extra protection.

Recycled Pallets:  Martin Pallet has GMAs and other sizes of recycled pallets available.


Managed Inventory:  Unused pallets occupy valuable floor space, so we often offer end-to-end management services to free up floor space and empower customers to focus on core operations.

Wood Packaging Design:  Working with your shipping requirements and specifications in mind, we can provide design services to ensure dependable and efficient delivery of your wooden pallets or crates.

Heat Treatment:  When your shipment requires ISPM15 specification for international deliveries, our heat-treatment facility provides the latest technology to ensure these standards are achieved.


With an in-house fleet of delivery vehicles, we're able to deliver on short notice. Coupled with our custom pallet products, Martin Pallet continually delivers what you need when you need it.

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Custom Pallets

Custom Pallets 2 - Martin Pallet

Martin Pallet offers a complete line of new and custom pallets, crates, lumber, and wood packaging materials made on site at our mill. We use the latest semi-automated production equipment, which allows us to meet your delivery requirements while still maintaining consistent, high-quality, new or custom wood pallets.

Our onsite mill cuts lumber in any size and quantity, allowing us to meet our customers’ requirements whether a single custom pallet/crate or at truckload quantities. We maintain lumber in stock, ensuring fast turnaround on your orders.

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Custom Pallets 2 - Martin Pallet

Custom Crates

Custom Pallet Box - Martin Pallet

Large equipment as well as fragile items are best protected using custom crates, which ensure that your product will arrive at its destination in good condition. Martin Pallet manufactures custom crates for those shipments that require this kind of extra protection and for international shipments when standard pallets aren't quite sufficient.

•  One-Way Crates
•  Reusable and Trade Show Crates
•  Heavy Duty vs. Light Duty

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Custom Pallet Box - Martin Pallet

Recycled Pallets

Custom Pallet Recycled - Martin Pallet

Ship Green: Martin Pallet handles a wide variety of sizes of recycled pallets in addition to the standard 48" X 40" GMA (Grocery Manufacturers Association). Our recycled GMA pallets are repaired, graded, and sold based on each pallet's condition. As businesses become ever more aware of the environment, many customers are turning to recycled pallets to aid them in doing their part to help save the planet. That's one reason Martin Pallet buys, repairs, and sells standard-used GMA pallets.

Save Green: In addition to saving the planet, using recycled pallets can also save you some green. Recycled pallets are graded, repaired, and sold according to each customer's needs, and we can help determine a recycled pallet best suited for your shipping requirements. Martin's recycled pallets are delivered throughout the Midwest and shipped in small order or truckload quantities.

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Custom Pallet Recycled - Martin Pallet

Managed Inventory

Ever find yourself out of warehouse space? Our pallet managed inventory service allows you to free up that space so you can operate with clear space and/or store more critical inventory instead of tripping over empty pallets. We simply ask you to share you production schedule with us and we will anticipate and restock your pallet inventory accordingly. Never stress again about low warehouse space or having enough pallets on hand to process a rush order.

The more information you can share with us, the more efficient we’ll be at delivering custom pallets just in time to keep your operation running smoothly.

If you have a trailer on site, just pick up the phone and say the trailer is almost empty. 

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Pallet Design Services - NWPCA-Licensed Provider

Martin Pallet utilizes the Pallet Design System (PDS) to design custom pallets for you. This system will produce a print, showing you the exact specifications of the pallet. For customers who only know their product dimensions and weight, we will determine the number of deck boards, bottom boards, and runners you will need to support your product safely and efficiently.

Martin Pallet is a certified user of the NWPCA's Pallet Design System (PDS) software. Our design services allow you to evaluate designs and performance before testing, thereby increasing speed to market, optimizing quality, and decreasing costs in the development of your packaging. PDS ensures your satisfaction with the product before the build begins.

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Heat-Treated Pallets That Meet All ISPM-15 Standards

Martin Pallet's 9,000-cubic-foot (1,000-square-foot) state-of-the-art heat-treat chamber ensures that our customers are in full compliance with ISPM-15 standards regulating overseas shipments. We can guide you through the regulations and provide certification documents to ship with your pallets.

Our on-site kiln ensures regulatory guidelines are met while ensuring your delivery needs and design requirements are not sacrificed. Both our new and recycled pallets, plus stock or custom pallet sizes, can be heat treated.

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